Newest Project 2018

BASF Innovation Center


Sumitomo Trading Corp.

TIME provided Project Management and Design Services in the project of moving Sumitomo's Head Office to Levent.

Anadolu Hayat

Anadolu Hayat, a market leading insurance company, decided to relocate their operation center facilities to a new location by investing more on the collaboration and interaction aspects inside the office.

Maersk HQ Office

TIME managed the re-fit project of Maersk offices in their existing location. Within the scope of the project, the decoration principles were renewed considering the open ceiling application and flexible working principles with a newly rented floor, . All works were carried out while the operations were continuing, and the offices spread over 3 floors were renewed in phases with the relocations between the floors.

Ferrero Factory Renovations

Renovation works have been carried out in parallel with the ongoing production at Ferrero's Manisa, Trabzon and Kocaeli production facilities. After TIME has completed the planning and design studies, it has completed the processes without interruption of production with detailed planning for the construction stages.

Ytong Headquarters

Türk Ytong A.Ş has relocated their Headquarters located inside factory campus in Pendik. The leased propoerty is a standalone building which will be occupied only by Ytong.In addition to open and enclosed offices , a showroom and a work café is planned inside the building.

Oxford University Press Turkey

We provide project management services for Oxford University Press’s relocation to Nida Kule Kozyatağı Building. We adopted value engineering method and re-decorated the office space according to business and employee needs. We removed closed offices and switched to an open office environment and build meeting spaces of different sizes.

BAT Turkey

We undertook project management services activities covering the planning, design, implementation and relocation phases of British American Tobacco’s relocation to Orjin Plaza. The office has been named as 13th most desired office by Office Snapshot 2017 and obtained Leed Platinum Certificate.


We undertook project management services covering the planning, design, implementation and relocation phases of Ferrero’s relocation to a private building in Fulya. At the end of the project Ferrero moved to their own building that consists of a cafeteria, meeting and office areas.


We undertook project management services covering the planning, design, implementation and relocation phases of Koçfinans’s office in Çamlıca Business Center. We assessed work habits and rethought the workplace strategy. We succeed at decompressing the office area by %30 and implement a new workplace strategy that focuses on interaction and communication amongst employees.

Anadolu Insurance

TIME has provided full scope project management services during Anadolu Sigorta Regional Offices project. The offices have been renovated with the principles of the Kavacık Headquarters.

BAT Logistic Center

We undertook both project management and design services during the relocation and optimization phases of British American Tobacco’s Europe and Asia distribution facilities. Within the scope of the project, the building which has an unconventional use has been rearranged according to business and organization needs; including entrance, exit and vertical transportation.

İş Portföy

TIME has prepared the Technical Due Diligence Report during the transaction of Nida Kule Batı building. The report has explained the architectural, mechanical, and electrical systems of the whole building.

AIG/Gulf Insurance

We undertook project management services covering the planning, design, implementation and relocation phases of AIG / Gulf Insurance’s relocation to Akkom Plaza. Since previous office was constructed recently our approach was to follow value engineering methods. We successfully repurposed all appropriate equipment and materials in the new office.


Itelligence relocated to an agile and communication-oriented office space with its 500 consultants. The shared office areas, which provide mobile workers with different work stations, support the office work environment. Terraces and cafeteria areas support communication amongst teams.

Kolektif House

Kolektif House is a unique example of co-working spaces in İstanbul. We provide project monitoring and reporting services during the 2nd expansion phase in the Levent building. The project covered a 2800 Sq m. area in Bitaş Building.