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Sumitomo Trading Corp.

1,100 m2
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TIME provided Project Management and Design Services in the project of moving Sumitomo's Head Office to Levent.

Project Brief

During the design phase of the Sumitomo head office project, open offices, meeting areas, a cafeteria to be used as a working area are the main spaces of the office. In the project where the ceiling height of the building is used in the best way, the meeting areas are combined with the reception area and visitors can easily enter and exit.

The project was completed without any delays, according to both the budget and the business plan, with high value engineering studies and the use of existing furniture. All the spaces of the project were designed in a short time with the Sumitomo project team considering the needs and completed without delay.

At the end of this project, Sumitomo will continue its activities in its new offices, which support interaction and communication between employees, limited the number of closed rooms to one and meeting rooms of different sizes.